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Our goal with this website is to create one more avenue that will bring this great Greathouse Family together to provide social interaction, share family information and accomplishments, and learn the documented history of our different branches. In short, we would like to create a forum to bring our extended Greathouse families personally together.

It is our belief that the family unit is very important to old and young alike. Family History gives one a moral compass by which a young person may set their life's goals, develop social responsibility and tweaks interest in their heritage.

We would like our children to have a way to connect with Greathouse cousins, aunts, uncles and extended families much as they did in the old days when time was more plentiful and the family lived “across the creek, up the road, down the hill or next door.” A time when you knew them, worked along side by side and were proud of your ancestors accomplishments.

We at the Greathouse Society appreciate any and all help in getting this effort off the ground. As in most social organizations and gatherings, it will take time, effort and love to spread the word about our society and the events we will be planning.

To these ends, we wish to thank the Greathouse family members for their interest and encouragement in this effort. Anyone who wishes to join us is certainly welcome to do so!

Please contact us with your questions, comments and input.


The Greathouse Family Society.




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